Seth Funderburg

Seth Funderburg instructs the following:
  • Intensity 1 Ride
  • Intensity 1 (P3) Ride
    A 75 minute structured indoor group ride led by a certified coach. Depending on what phase of the year we are focused on, the workouts will vary. On a scale of 1 to 10, you can expect our workouts to have a perceived exertion rate between 7 and 10 at times.

    Power Phase (P3) Description
    At this point in the phases, you have now built a foundation of strength and sustainable power, and are ready for even higher intensities. The power phase is the final component of your energy system development. These VO2 specific efforts will prepare you for the same intensities that you will experience at some point on your outdoor group rides, tris, or intense solo rides.