Led by VQ Founder and retired professional cyclist, Robbie Ventura, the staff at Vision Quest Coaching have years of experience coaching athletes of all levels in endurance sports.

The coaches that have been selected to work for VQ are experts in their fields and have passion for helping athletes reach goals. VQ combines top-notch coaches with solid science in exercise physiology and nutrition and a constant dedication to customer service in order to deliver the Vision Quest Coaching product.

We select our coaches based on their experience, certifications, personal accomplishments, expertise in their fields, and overall enthusiasm for the role. Vision Quest is dedicated to providing continued training to our coaches to ensure that they remain up to date with the latest science and training techniques.

Vision Quest Coaching is founded by Robbie Ventura and run along side with Dave Noda.

Our Coaches

Eddie Braga

Discipline:  Cycling
Certifications:  Saris Cycling Power certified.  5 year Vision Quest class coach
Locations:  College Park and Altamonte Springs
What should I expect:  Expect to be engaged, energized, and taught with great enthusiasm.  My classes are VERY interactive.  You'll not only understand how to ride the day's training protocol, but also how to use this understanding when you are out on the road.  Can you push yourself further?  Can you ride a bit faster?  Do you have the power to make it over the next hill?   And yes, we'll have fun!

James Lally

Triathlon Coach
Ironman Certified Coach, USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified, USA Cycling Level III Certified and 
College Park Location
What should I expect when taking your class?  Energetic, Positive, Enthusiastic and knowledgeable about Cycling Dynamics and Efficiency

Kerry Simmons

Triathlon, Swimming, Cycling, Running 
USAT Level 1 Certified Triathlon Coach, Team in Training Certified Triathlon Coach, Mad Dogg Certified Spin Instructor, CPR Certified. 
David's World Cycle College Park, Florida 
A focused and intense workout where you will be personally coached  to meet the workout's challenges and ultimately succeed in your own athletic goals. 
Piano playing, reading, watching tv and movies. 

Jason Davis

Time Trial, Cyclocross, Road
College Park Orlando, FL
Ready to be energized
Hanging out with my dog Reggie

Justin Kneer

Triathlon and Endurance sports
Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
College Park
You should expect to give me 100% each class. 
I enjoy anything athletic or outdoors, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, hiking, obstacle courses, walking my dogs, kayaking, etc...

Pam Clay

Discipline: triathlete, nurse, new mommy
No certifications 
I coach at the altamonte, fl location.  
In my class you can expect a lot of energy, and a personal touch.  I also like to coach with grit and mental toughness as factors to work towards, just like power and efficiency.  
I love to eat!  I get excited about food.